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Pandit Purshotam, was originally from Herstelling, East Bank, Demarrara Guyana South America. At the tender age of eight, after attending the old Herstelling Hindi School and Providence Govt. School, Pandit Ji had developed a love for Dharma and Kirtan (singing of the Divine’s name). After graduation from Providence Government School, Pandit-ji then attended Maha Sabha Secondary School on Lamaha Street, Georgetown.

Pandit Ji has originated from a Brahman Family of Pandits. His Grandfather was Pandit Gopal Sukul, and his late father, Pandit Kasinath Sukul, was a prominent and active religious leader in the Guyanese Hindu community. Pandit Ji late brother was Pandit Chandricka Sukul, was the founder of Durga Shiva Mandir Inc. located in Bronx, New York. Pandit Purshotam Sukul became the officiating Priest of Durga Shiva Mandir Inc. after the untimely passing of his brother Pandit Chandricka.

Pandit Purshotam left for the shores of India to further his studies at the Golokh Dhaam Ashram in Brindabhan and New Delhi India. Pandit Purshotam has been carrying on the tradition of his late brother’s wishes to further progress of the Durga Shiva Mandir Inc.

within the Bronx Hindu community. Pandit Ji is married to Camla and has two sons Rajah and Anil. Pandit Ji owes great respect to his mother, and his uncle, cha-cha, Pandit Pooran Sookul from Metemeerzorg, West Coast Demarrara (Guyana). Pandit Ji and his family continue to uphold the values of Sanathan Dharma.

Omelawattee Sitaram (Deepa) "VICE PRESIDENT"

From her childhood days in Guyana, Omelawattee Sitaram (Deepa) demonstrated a keen interest in comparative religion; but coming from a Hindu home, Sanatan Vedic Dharam became paramount. She began learning Hindi from a tender age and became exposed to several religious texts especially the Ramayan which she enjoys singing. The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha, under the leadership of Pt. Reepu Daman Persaud, played an important role in her studies in India. Here in the Tri-state, Mrs. Sitaram is connected to several Mandirs especially the Durga Shiva Mandir where she is currently vice president.


"Registered 501(C) (3)" Non-For- Profit Organization, New York State Registration # 126503, Tax ID # 133638864

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